In 1998, I was introduced to this breed for the very first time and immediately fell in love. This love is what motivates me to put in the amount of time, energy and hard work required for training, showing and raising excellent Cane Corso puppies and adults.


At Echelon 1, we incorporate our dogs into our lives at every step – whether it’s a family trip, hanging out in the backyard, enjoying a football game or relaxing at home. This is not a business, this is a lifestyle, and our dogs are our life here.


Echelon 1 Cane Corso is dedicated to upholding the integrity of the breed. We cherish our dogs as family companions and pride ourselves on breeding healthy, well-adjusted dogs that can live easily with their families. Social with friends, the Cane Corso will defend against intruders and care and early training must be taken to properly raise your puppy. We do not breed very often, but when we do, our litters are carefully planned in an effort to produce puppies of excellent temperament, structure and health.  

Beautiful dogs sound in mind and body do not happen by accident.


A great deal of consideration goes into every litter we produce. We strive to be lifelong students of the Cane Corso breed. We take care in learning about our own dogs’ individual ancestors as well as the breed’s history as a whole. No expense is spared and we utilize full health testing on all of our dogs. The main goal of any good breeding program is not for the production of puppies, but rather the preservation of the breed for decades  and centuries to come.

Mission Satement