Litter Announcements

We currently are planning our Winter 2017 breeding, please contact us if your interested and would like to know what the Echelon 1 Team is planning for 2017.

PAST BREEDING -Sire of Echelon 1 Cane Corso"Lady Taurino" AKC/ICCF GCH SCANDIFIO'S CUPERTINO L ROCCIA, CGC(AKC CH Scandifio's Nino II X Scandifio's Lindy)


Welcome to the home of the  Echelon 1.

By finding this site you have began the

journey of discovering one of the

greatest dog breeds; It is my pleasure

to introduce to you the Italian Mastiff

also known as the Cane Corso.

At Echelon 1 we pride ourselves on raising training,
showing and competing  with our dogs.The time and dedication

that we put into our dogs goes above this just being a hobby and has progressed into a life style, training, showing our competing is a weekend adventure and a family event. I hope our website will allow you to get a glimpse into our Corso journey and we would like to thank you for taking  time on our site.